Urban Shaman


Urban Shaman

I looove music – this should be quite obvious and known to most of you guys out there.
But i´m also very much into studying the mysteries of life and existence. In my research and exploration of the mind and more important the heart i learned a lot of techniques to get more in touch with my soul, why i´m here, how to be happier and about the core essence of being. May it be through countless Meditation Methods, Shamanic Vision Quests, Journeys to Spiritual Places and Teachers around the World, Initiations in different Energy Healing Techniques like Reiki-Master-Degree, Matrix-2-Point, the very new TORA´AN´TARIA Chakra System to Sound Healing Methods and Parallel Life Journeys (I abandoned the idea of Past-Life as everything we experience in this ´gigantic soup of energy´ – as i like to call it is always here and now) – the answer to all suffering in our personal experience of life is always there: right in this moment and right in front of us. The question is just: how much do i allow my most inner self to let got of what i believed to be true? How much do i allow miracles to happen in my life even my mind can´t grasp how it will unfold?

All techniques and methods i´ve learned are just keys or doorways to tap more into this vastness and spaciousness of being and allowing the mystery to unfold – and that is what i like to share with you.

So if you are interested in a Session may it be for example learning a specially for you catered meditation technique that works really effortlessly, an energy-healing session where we together explore the unknown of how much we allow and believe in healing and miracles or a Parallel Life Journey or also maybe a combination of them – feel free to contact me via the contact formular and we see what we can do together. I´m very happy to serve – be blessed and have a great now! <3

´Official´ Initiations:
LIFE ACTIVATION Practitioner (Modern Mystery School)
Certified Reiki-Master in the USUI-System
Matrix-2-Point Practitioner Level 1
Mage of the New Age (Kryon School)
TORA´AN´TARIA Initiator – The new Chakra System (Kryon School)
´Parallel-Life Regression´ initiated by ´Stephen Poplin, M.A. Cht.

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I make no guarantees, claims or promises that my services can be used to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any conditions/disorders.